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  • Objective standard of reference of inclusive ostension determining the taxonomic allocation of a nomen: within a given ergotaxonomic frame, the nomen can be potentially applied to any taxon that includes its onomatophore. In the species-series, onomatophores are specimens, whereas in the genus- and family-series they are taxomina. (Term by G. G. Simpson 1940, definition by A. Dubois)

Concept(s) spécifique(s)


  • name-bearing type


  • Etymology: G: ὄνομα (onoma), name - φέρω (phero), I bear, I carry

Note(s) d'application

  • Code: Name-bearing type: The type genus, type species, holotype, lectotype, series of syntypes (which together constitute the name bearing type), or neotype or type slide or hapantotype, that provides the objective standard of reference whereby the application of the name of a nominal taxon can be determined.

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  • Simpson, G. G. (1940) Types in modern taxonomy. American Journal of Science, 238: 413–431. [ ]


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