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  • Nomenclatural act regulated by a code by which a nomen becomes attached to a taxon or several taxa in zoological nomenclature, under a given system of allocation of nomina to taxa (e.g., through onomatophores or through ‘phylogenetic definitions’). (Dubois 2005b)


  • designation
  • fixation
  • type fixation

Note(s) d'application

  • Code: Designation: The nomenclatural act of an author or the Commission in fixing, by an express statement, the name-bearing type of a newly or previously established nominal genus, subgenus, species, or subspecies. Fixation: A general term for the determination of a name-bearing type, whether by original designation, or by any other means.

Référence(s) bibliographique(s)

  • Dubois, A. (2005) Proposed Rules for the incorporation of nomina of higher-ranked zoological taxa in the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature. 1. Some general questions, concepts and terms of biological nomenclature. Zoosystema, 27 (2): 365–426.


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  • désignation
  • fixation
  • fixation d'un type


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