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  • A category of onomatergy: any action of resolution of uncertainties and ambiguities which may have remained after a catastasy (original publication of a nomen): e.g., designation of a single specimen or nominal taxon as onomatophore of a nomen introduced without this information. Airesies consist either in choices between several possibilities or in the brand new introduction of missing information: e.g., listing subsequently included specimens or nominal taxa in a nominal taxon which until then missed them. Choices made in airesies are left to the freedom of individual authors, but in some cases the Code provides Recommendations in this respect (e.g., the Recommendations of Article 74 concerning the designations of lectotypes). Once published, an airesy is irreversible and cannot be modified by individual authors but only through archoidy. (Dubois 2013)


  • Etymology: G: αἵρεσις (airesis), choice, election.

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  • Code: No term

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  • Dubois, A. (2013) Zygoidy, a new nomenclatural concept. Bionomina, 6: 1–25. [ ]


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