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onomatophore > taxomen

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  • The permanent association between a nomen (hoplonym) and an onomatophore (and if relevant onomatostasis), allowing objective, non-ambiguous and stable allocation of nomina to taxa. (Dubois 2000)

Concepto genérico

etiqueta alternativa (skos)

  • nominal taxon


  • Etymology: G: τάξις (taxis), order, arrangement - L: nomen, name.

Nota de alcance

  • Code: Nominal taxon: A concept of a taxon which is denoted by an available name (e.g. Mollusca, Diptera, Bovidae, Papilio, Homo sapiens). Each nominal taxon in the family, genus or species groups is based on a name-bearing type (although in the latter two groups such a type may not have been actually fixed).

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