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  • Any taxonomic unit recognised by a zoologist, whether named or not. (Meyer 1926)

Conceptos específicos

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  • taxonomic taxon


  • Etymology: G: τάξις (taxis), order, arrangement.

Nota de alcance

  • Code: A taxonomic unit, whether named or not: i.e. a population, or group of populations of organisms which are usually inferred to be phylogenetically related and which have characters in common which differentiate the unit (e.g. a geographic population, a genus, a family, an order) from other such units. A taxon encompasses all included taxa of lower rank and individual organisms. The Code fully regulates the names of taxa only between and including the ranks of superfamily and subspecies. Also Code: Taxonomic taxon: A taxon (e.g. family, genus, species) including whatever nominal taxa and individuals a zoologist at any time considers it to contain in his or her endeavour to define the boundaries of a zoological taxon. A taxonomic taxon is denoted by the valid name determined from the available names of its included nominal taxa.

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  • taxon taxonomique


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