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homonymy > asthenomonymy > apoasthenomonymy

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  • The fact that two (or more) asthenomonyms are subsequently referred to the same mutogenus (genus of a subsequent combination) not being the priscogenus (original genus combined with the nomen in the original publication) of any of them. Under the Zoocode, the junior one is invalid as long as both epithets remain referred to this mutogenus as their rectogenus (given genus in a taxonomy). (Dubois & Aescht et al. 2019 (LZC, Session 24))

Concepto genérico


  • Etymology: G: ἀπό (apo), from, away from - ἀσθενής (asthenes), weak - ὁμός (homos), the same - ὄνομα (onoma), name.

Nota de alcance

  • Code: Secondary homonym (in part).

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