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  • Qualification of a nomenclatural system, the Orostensional Nomenclatural System (OONS), that relies both on onomatophores (conucleogenera) and onomatostases (alienogenera) for the taxonomic allocation of class-series nomina (bidirectional ostension): within a given taxonomic frame, a nomen [1] either applies to the most inclusive taxon, if it exists, that includes all its conucleogenera and excludes all its alienogenera, or [2] is an anaptonym if such a taxon does not exist because of overlapping between the onomatophore and the onomatostasis. (Dubois & Raffaëlli 2012)


  • Etymology: G: ὄρος (oros), limit, frontier - L: ostensio, action of showing.

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  • Code: No term

Bibliographic citation(s)

  • Dubois, A. & Raffaëlli, J. (2012) A new ergotaxonomy of the order Urodela Duméril, 1805 (Amphibia, Batrachia). Alytes, 28 (3–4): 77–161.


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