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  • Nomen that has had a universal or significant use in non-systematic literature after 31 December 1899 (i.e., that appeared in at least 100 titles of publications since then), whereas none of its synonyms has been used so for the same taxon or closely related taxa. Such a nomen must be validated even if this requires to make an exception to the Rules, e.g., against a senior synonym or homonym. Roy 2002: Asphalonym: (see the Code definition). (Dubois 2005b)


  • asphalonym
  • nomen protectum


  • Etymology: G: σῴζω (sozo), I keep, I protect - ὄνομα (onoma), name.

Scope note(s)

  • Code: Nomen protectum: A Latin term (meaning protected name ) applied to a name which has been given precedence over its unused senior synonym or senior homonym relegated to the status of nomen oblitum.

Bibliographic citation(s)

  • Dubois, A. (2005) Proposed Rules for the incorporation of nomina of higher-ranked zoological taxa in the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature. 1. Some general questions, concepts and terms of biological nomenclature. Zoosystema, 27 (2): 365–426.


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  • French

  • asphalonyme
  • nomen protectum


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