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  • A nomen originally proposed under a nomenclatural system different from that of the Code and incompatible with it. This applies to nomina proposed within the framework of alternative and incompatible nomenclatural systems, or simply which do not respect some of the basic requirements of the Code such as binominal nomenclature for species, the assignment of nomina to nominal-series and ranks, or the taxonomic allocation of nomina through ostension with onomatophores but not through verbal intensional definitions. (Dubois 2020)

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  • Etymology: G: ἐκτός (ektos), outside, far from - ονομα (onoma), name

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  • Code: No term

Bibliographic citation(s)

  • Dubois, A. (2020) Allocation of nomina to taxa in zoological nomenclature. Bionomina, 18: 1–43 [ ]


  • 1423

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