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synonym > isonym

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  • A category of synonymy: Two distinct nomina of the same nominal-series that denote the same taxon in a given ergotaxonomy for objective reasons, i.e., for having the exactly same onomatophore (and onomatostasis if relevant). (Dubois 2000) one of two or more names (i.e. new names or combinations) based on the same nomenclatural type; a homotypic synonym (Hawksworth 2010)

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  • objective synonym


  • Etymology: G: ἲσος (isos), equal - ὄνομα (onoma), name.

Scope note(s)

  • Code: Objective synonym: Each of two or more synonyms that denote nominal taxa with the same name-bearing type, or (in the cases of family-group and genus-group taxa) that denote nominal taxa with name-bearing types whose own names are themselves objectively synonymous.

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  • Dubois, A. (2000) Synonymies and related lists in zoology: general proposals, with examples in herpetology. Dumerilia, 4 (2): 33–98. Hawksworth, D. L. (2010) Terms used in bionomenclature: the naming of organisms (and plant communities). Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) Copenhagen. 1–216. [ ]


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