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onomatophore > onymophoront > symphoront

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  • One of several specimens originally used collectively as onomatophore of a species-series nomen. (Dubois 2005a)

Broader concept(s)


  • syntype


  • Etymology: G: σύν (syn), together - φέρω (phero), I bear - ὄν, ὄντος (on, ontos), being, individual.

Scope note(s)

  • Code: Syntype (Definition by Hawksworth 2010) : Each specimen (and prior to 1911 those referred to by bibliographic reference) of a type-series from which neither a holotype nor a lectotype has been designated, including (prior to 1931) those referred to by a bibliographic reference; the syntypes collectively constitute the name-bearing type.

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Bibliographic citation(s)

  • Dubois, A. (2005) Proposals for the incorporation of nomina of higher-ranked taxa into the Code. Bulletin of zoological Nomenclature, 62 (4): 200–209. [ ]
  • Hawksworth, D. L. (2010) Terms used in bionomenclature: the naming of organisms (and plant communities). Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) Copenhagen. 1–216. [ ]


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