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pseudorhizonym > xenorhizonym

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  • A category of pseudorhizonym: suprageneric nomen A) based 1) either on the stem of a then available generic nomen, or 2) on the stem of a then unavailable generic nomen, or 3) on the stem of a nomen of another nominal-series, or 4) on the stem of a non-scientific name of animal, but B) this nomen or name not being referred as valid to the taxon in the ergotaxonomy adopted in the publication where the nomen was created and C) its stem being combined with an ending derived from another or several other terms (e.g., -formes, -morpha, -glossa, etc.). (Dubois 2015b)

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  • Etymology: G: ξένος (xenos), foreign - ρίζα (rhiza), root, stem - ὄνομα (onoma), name

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  • Code: No term

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  • Dubois, A. (2015) The Duplostensional Nomenclatural System for higher zoological nomenclature. Dumerilia, 5: 1–108.


  • 1109

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