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SAGE Social Science Thesaurus


The SAGE Social Science Thesaurus is a multidisciplinary vocabulary of the most important concepts in the social sciences. SAGE uses this vocabulary as its principal keyword vocabulary for automated tagging of content on SAGE Knowledge and SAGE Research Methods. You are welcome to browse, download, use and transform the vocabulary for any non-commercial purpose.

The majority of concepts in the thesaurus have been mined from headwords in SAGE encyclopedias and other reference works. Relationships between concepts have been inferred from implicit structures in those works, for example subject indexes and readers' guides. As such, the thesaurus is a structured representation of what the editors of those reference works consider to be the most important concepts in the social sciences.

Additional scraping work has extracted and structured concept-specific metadata, such as dates (for events and people) and definitions. In addition to broader-narrower relationships, concepts are grouped by type: concepts, people, organizations, events, methods, theories or laws.

While there has been substantial editorial work in standardizing, merging, splitting, moving, adding and removing terms, most concepts in the thesaurus are yet to be examined by a human. If you have any feedback or suggestions, we would love to hear from you.


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